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Tuesday, 6 June 2017
09 00 – 17 00
1. Promoting a RealWorld and Holistic approach to Impact Evaluation (WS-1)
Jim Rugh (RealWorld Evaluation, USA) & Ana Coghlan (M&E Director, LIFT Fund, Myanmar)
2. Frontiers in Participatory Evaluation (WS-2)
• Robert Chambers (IDS, Sussex, England) & Mallika R Samaranayake (Institute for Participatory
      Interaction in Development, Sri Lanka)
09 00 – 12 30
3. Bringing diversity into Impact Evaluation: Towards a broadened view of design and methods for impact evaluation (WS-3)
Sanjeev Sridharan (University of Toronto, Canada)
4. Foundations and Application of Contribution Analysis (WS-4)
    • Shubh K Kumar-Range (Independent Consultant, Delhi, India)
5. Evaluating evidence uptake and use: tips for monitoring, measuring and reporting (WS-15)
• International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), Delhi, India
6. Assessing coordination work using systems thinking and feminist approaches (WS-8)
  • Priya Alvarez (UN Women, New York, USA)
7. Data visualization for effective communication of monitoring and evaluation results using
    Microsoft Excel (WS-5)

    • Arnab Dey (Sambodhi Research & Communications, India)
8. Bridging the Worlds of Evaluation and Impact Measurement for Impact Investing and Other Market Solutions (WS-6)
    • Jane Reisman (Rockefeller Foundation, USA)
9. Approaches to Developing Measures to assess Gender Empowerment and Equity (GE/E)(WS-12)
• Nandita Bhan (UC San Diego School of Medicine, USA)
10. Social Audit for Performance Improvement and Outcome Measurement (WS-7)
     • Anuradha S Palanichamy (Jindal School of Government and Public Policy, Delhi, India)
Wednesday, 7 June 2017
09 00 – 17 00
11. Improving Development Programme Results through Integration of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (WS-9)
• QED Group LLC, Arlington, USA
12. Beyond Sampling: Best Practices in Survey Methodology (WS-10)
      • Jackie Yiptong-Avila
13. Strengthening capacities of Voluntary Organizations for Professional Evaluation (VOPEs)(WS-11)
• Jim Rugh (RealWorld Evaluation, USA)
09 00 – 12 30
14. Systems, complexity, gender, environment, sustainable development: how do we put all
      these together in evaluation (WS-13)
 • Natalia Kosheleva (Evaluation Consultant, Moscow, Russia)
15. Comprehensive Analysis of Equity using STATA for Evaluating Equity Effects and
      Improved Programming (WS-14)

      • Arnab Dey (Sambodhi Research & Communications, India)
16. How to frame Gender and Equity in Evaluation: A South Asia perspective (WS-16)
 • Community of Evaluators - South Asia
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